Providing local Australian service and expertise and a high degree of manufacturing excellence.

Using inhouse quality and inspection procedures we have achieved a higher quality and longer lasting temperature probe.

Our highly experienced design team can design and manufacture your temperature solutions and supply technical drawings for further manufacturing jobs.

With the addition of CNC machinery to our facility your complete solution can be manufactured on site providing a fast turn around and delivery.

We are willing to take on any challenges large or small. Please contact D&N Engineering Supplies for details on how we can use our experience to supply the products and services you need.

The company was formed in Sydney Australia in 1968, out of a need to protect electrical workers from being injured.

With its state of the art product the first of many models of the Modiewark non-contact voltage detector. The Australian power industry gratefully accepted this tester as a life saving device, implementing a national roll out in the early 1970’s.

The Modiewark range of non-contact voltage detectors are the safest choice in any situation where you are testing low voltage (50 Volts AC) or high voltage (750,000 Volts AC).

With a non-contact voltage detector and the correct operating procedure the risk of electrocution is greatly reduced.

Experience, Quality, Local Reliability & Customer Satisfaction.

This is what Pritchard Electronics brings to the circuit board manufacturing industry in Australia. These are the factors that allow Pritchard Electronics to provide a total turnkey solution for your PCB assembly and full product construction needs.

With the fresh leadership of the Morris group since July 1ST 2010 our goal is to provide the niche customer YOU with the highest standards of manufacturing that the industry can provide.

At all production sizes from prototype boards to 10,000 per month, our quality systems will provide total product traceability from start to finish.

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